No Closure 4 Me, No Justice 4 Curtis

This is a story of how my son was mysteriously murdered and my struggle for justice and closure. My hopes are that after reading this you will sign our petition in an effort to get laws changed to help parents receive humane treatment, justice and closure.

On March 26, 1997, a police officer came to my door with all black on and a big black hat. He explained to me that my son was missing and had been chased into the water by a group of people after a fight broke out at San Diego’s Crown Point. The search started and stopped without me. I was told to stay at home by authorities that night and that the search was called off and would continue until 7am the next morning.

No closure 4 me no justice 4 Curtis! The police said “he could not swim” so he drowned accidentally. I pleaded with my family and the police that this could not be true as my son taught my daughters how to swim. He was the little man of the house. I began thinking the police and my family were right. I’m in mourning and love sick over the loss of my only son.

No closure 4 me no justice 4 Curtis! I woke up one morning and began my fight for closure 4 me and justice 4 Curtis. I started questioning the lifeguard and they said I need to speak with his boss. They gave me no answers and demanded I get something in writing to obtain the lifeguard report. I left there with no closure 4 me and no justice 4 Curtis. I finally got the lifeguard report and discovered that my son had no pants and his body and all belongings were found at the same place they had rescued his cousin the night before. I went to the police department to ask why I was not told of his belongings, and they said I was to call and make an appointment with Lt. Duncan of homicide division. This battle lasted for two years.

No closure 4 me no justice 4 Curtis! I finally got the police report which had parts of; lifeguard reports, medical examiner reports, and F.B.I reports that were blacked out that I could not read. There were over 20 witnesses on the beach and a lady across the street heard a gunshot and saw a man carrying a body into the water.

No closure 4 me No justice 4 Curtis! I took a step back and called the medical examiner’s office thinking maybe they could help me. The chief medical examiner, Henry Bonell said “I knew you would call back”, and immediately hung up the phone. My daughter and I went down to medical examiner’s office and there we found the tag “187” and eight Polaroid photos. My daughter told me that 187 means murder. They mailed four death certificates to me with four different locations of the drowning. I notice that in the Polaroid photos his arms was folded.

No closure 4 me No justice 4 Curtis! Two weeks later I was reading the newspaper and learned medical examiner Dr. Bonell was fired for falsifying documents on murdered children. I met with the city manager, where I received a brown envelope this time with over 200 photos of my son and the crime scene. I went to the F.B.I office to see if I could get the report they had that did not contain anything blacked out. I was given a form to fill out and mail to Washington D.C under the privacy act.

No closure 4 me No justice 4 Curtis! This is when I wrote the Child Closure Law, having no closure for your child is worst then dealing with the loss itself. It stays inside your heart, soul, and mind forever. In March, 2017 it has been 20 years since his death, Jose Jimenez admitted to killing Curtis and tells how and why he did it. San Diego P.D refused to arrest him. I received a call from the San Diego head prosecutor and was asked to tell my story and he agreed to investigate Curtis’ case, but right now as for me, No closure 4 me No justice 4 Curtis! Help make closure a law not a plea. I now reside in Jacksonville Fl. With the help of you, congress, and house representatives, we can make this law to be nationwide. My sons’ clothing is still at the San Diego police department and will remain there until I get closure 4 me and justice 4 Curtis!

Our Mission

To Empower families to live again after the loss of a child due to homicide or accident or natural and unknown causes.

Ways We Provide Help

We help with free counseling by partnering with Wolfson Children’s Hospital, assistance with headstones through our Thanksgiving program, and have monthly meetings on the 4th Monday of every month to help keep you updated with events and resources in the community. You Are Not Alone!